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Katy Perry and BB 99** series

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Porsche Design BlackBerry P9981

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Liquid Damaged BlackBerry 9700 with trackpad issues

This blackberry 9700 came in with trackpad issues. The trackpad wasn’t working at all, but the keypads worked. Every other button worked except the trackpad. After pulling down the phone and inspecting

BlackBerry OS10 Desktop Manager …. BlackBerry Link Desktop Manager For OS 10

Blackberry has ditched the BLACKBERRY DESKTOP MANAGER name for its OS10 desktop software and replaced it with BLACKBERRY LINK. This new desktop manager software will NOT recognize OS 7 and below phones. 

BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry Q10

I know you all haven’t gotten your hands on any of these devices as yet, BUT ….judging from mere LOOKS alone, would you buy one of these. I have a blackberry 9900

Charging Port Change on a BlackBerry 9860/ 9850

Since lately, I have been seeing a lot of later model blackberries coming in with charging port issues, and in about 70% of the cases, the charging port has simply dislodged from

From BlackBerries to Baking ??? A 3 minute video

Bonjour all    Now, this is not your typical blackberry posting. This is a 3 minute video I did on how to separate the EGG YOLK from the rest of the EGG.

Replacing the LCD in a BlackBerry 9850 / 9860

This LCD change goes for either the BlackBerry 9860 or the 9850. Basically almost the same phone.   This BB 9860 in particular came in with a broken LCD, which was very

Disassembling a moisture damaged BLACKBERRY 9380

This blackberry full-touch curve, BB 9380, came in with a blank screen. Phone was taken apart and it was discovered that the connectors for the touch-screen itself and the LCD were corroded.

Blackberry Torch 9800′s with varying problems

Welcome to another weekly posting    So yeah, I got 3 BB 9800′s within a short period of time. See pic below Here were the problems : TORCH ON THE LEFT : 

Changing the USB port on a BlackBerry Curve 9360

  In this short write up, I will show you how I went about replacing the damaged USB / charging port on a blackberry curve 9360.   First of all, you have

Bold 9700 and 9780 memory card errors

Have you ever had a memory card issue with your BOLD 2 or BOLD 4 (9700 & 9780 respectively) ?  I’ve seen cases where people’s memory cards have suddenly stopped working in

How to disassemble a PlayBook …. the real deal way!

Hey again peeps   It’s been a little while since I posted anything on here ….. work work work as usual. In this brief posting, I’ll show you in pics how I

Subtle differences between a NEW phone and a REFURBISHED unit

This customer came into the store complaining about his new blackberry 9800. He said he bought it online as a new phone and from he got it, it has been giving him

A video showing a BlackBerry 9780 working with a different version screen!

This video was “shot” while I had some “free” time (which is rarely) at work. The youtube video shows a blackberry 9780 which has in a version 001/111 circuit board, and I

Over 3 billion downloads registered in BlackBerry’s AppWorld

On July 6th, 2012, Research In Motion had announced that they had crossed the 3 billionth App download mark. That equates to 2.5 million downloads a day and it’s increasing as I

Monitoring your home wirelessly with your BlackBerry and GotoCamera services!

Pechora Technologies, a company based in Singapore, have launched a service which allows blackberry phone users to monitor their home security system LIVE from their phones. GotoCamera currently has a database of

My fight with a BlackBerry Playbook today …….. in disassembling it!

Well, it wasn’t really a FIGHT per say, but I had me a decent challenge trying to disassemble a PlayBook. Do not believe the EASE at which those youtube videos show you.

App that turns your BB OS7+ device into a “Magnifying Glass”

There is a pretty cool PAID App (only costs US$0.99) available in appworld that turns your phone’s camera into a magnifying glass, and we’re not talking the normal ZOOMING feature either It’s

Android based QWERTY keypad phone from BLACKBERRY ?

Despite the fact that RIM has delayed the launch of their OS10 based devices until the 1st Quarter of 2013,  there are still a bit of rumours flying around concerning numerous interests

Da Fuq! …… BlackBerry OS10 now delayed until Q1 of 2013

Now here we all were ……. waiting ……. anticipating …… and waiting some more for the September to October periods of 2012 for the BB OS 10 phone to be finally launched,

Leaked screenshots of BB OS 10 appworld

Below are some screenshots that were leaked demonstrating how BB OS 10′s appworld MIGHT look in the final product. What do you think?     These pictures are courtesy of

OS updates for 9790 and 9860

There is a new update available for both of these devices, the BB 9790 and the BB 9860. This version is OS Here is a download link ….. OS …

BlackBerry L and N series BB OS10 phones

Blackberry OS 10 fever is currently circulating in the air, and then arriveth the L and N series blackberry phones. The L series will be all touch and the N series will

I’ve welcomed another BB into the “family”

This post just shows another member being added to the BlackBerry family. It’s a BB 9930 from Sprint….. never been used before. Picture directly below shows it has NEVER been used before

Is RIM about to be split into HARDWARE and SOFTWARE groups?

There has been a lot of rumours hovering and flying around concerning the future of RIM (Reseach In Motion).  The latest rumour mills going around is that the top guns at BlackBerry

Video showing a BlackBerry 8520 working with ANY version of its LCD

 Hey again BlackBerry-ites    This is a 13+ minutes video showing a blackberry 8520 with circuit board version 007-111 , working with a another version LCD. We ran a program we got